Range of Products
Strandford Industry Sdn. Bhd. emphasizes high standards in producing products. The fasteners are sourced locally or abroad and we attempt to follow the standard requirements of BS, JIS, ASTM and DIN with ISO METRIC COARSE and UNIFIED INCH thread systems are always adhered to.
Realizing the impact of quality fasteners in mega structures, we are always strictly follow on selecting the finest materials to be produced into fasteners, or custom requests from our clients. 
We believe in using the best materials for long term purposes, for both constructing and holding structures. We always maintain a good business relationship with our clients. This includes monitoring the stringent processes from technical drawings to hot forging of the materials into the final product; Strandford Industry Sdn. Bhd. always goes the extra mile to meet the customer’s satisfaction. 
You may enquire us anytime regarding our range of products and our custom services.